Personal Psychic Readings

Child/Family Reading

On request

Metaphysical counselling

The characteristic way in which a person thinks and behaves as he/she adapts/responds to the environment. This includes visible behavior patterns as well as those which are less apparent, but relatively enduring characteristics such as values, motives, attitudes, abilities and self images. 1 hour.

                              £100   $200

Half hour reading

Most important issues chosen between us and discussed. 30 minutes.

£75.00  $ 100.00

Business/Financial Reading

£150.00 or $200.00

One hour reading

Is your birthday coming up? Just had your birthday? This is a great time to look at what lies in store for the years ahead. This reading shows you what is coming up and how best to use your energies. 1 hour.

£150.00  $200.00

I am also available for healing and personal / psychic development

Archetype Readings

One hour Archetype / Astrology Reading

I read the full archetypal Wheel using the archetypes you have picked, or I intuitively select them. Previous experience is not necessary. You will be amazed how the understanding of archetypal patterns opens up the symbolic world to you - then you really see things differently.


Chart Picking your Archetype Rectification

Advanced archetype reading for those who are already exploring Archetypes. Sarah offers individually tailored advice relating to the specific areas of concern:
- identifying archetypes in individual houses
- interviewing archetypes in individual houses
- house/archetype specific issues



All readings have a 12 month forecast. You will receive the reading within 7 days in audio format via email (or CD by request). The reading can be done in absentia or over Skype or phone. I also offer in person readings at my office in Palma de Mallorca.

How it works:

All readings are conducted strictly by appointment only.
Both Chakra and Archetype Readings are undertaken intuitively and are conducted remotely or in person.
The following information will need to be supplied prior to the reading, wherever possible:

Time and date of birth
Place of birth

Once the reading has been completed it will be available as an MP3 file via e mail.

Get in touch for any further information on Aura, Clairvoyance, Intuitive Counselling, Psychic Reading, Archetypal, Astrology and Tarot Cards.

I do readings in person, via skype and absent readings.

Phone (UK) : +44 780 389 3485

London, Mallorca, California