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Sarah Livesey

Sarah has a phenomenal ability to walk with a person on their voyage of self discovery.
An internationally acclaimed mystic, healer and teacher Sarah has been working with individuals and groups for many years.
She is passionate about her own quest for self discovery and to reveal the purpose of her journey here on earth. Her break through came in 1997 when she acknowledged that ‘the darkest moments are very often just before the dawn’. Inspired by these events she has made it her life’s work to assist others with their quest for self-discovery.

With a Diploma in Metaphysics and trained personally by Dr Caroline Myss at the CMED Institute in Chicago, Sarah is renowned for her accurateness in reading the psyche. Her clients are international as she is able to work via Skype, email, telephone as well as in person.
She combines this work with her extensive knowledge of Astrology and the Energy Fields of the body.

Sarah is also an Aurora Magnetic Crystal Sound Teacher and works with Advanced Spiritual Development groups in understanding the psyche.

Sarah Livesey is a CMED Institute Sacred Contracts Graduate.

For two years, I studied the nature of Sacred Contracts, learning how to do assist individuals to identify and interpret the archetypal patterns that comprise their own Sacred Contract. The study of Sacred Contracts is a rich and complex undertaking requiring the support of several other fields of knowledge, including theology, exploring the different psychic fields between fate and destiny and how to move forward into the energy of your destiny, the application of archetypal patterns to healing, using archetypal insight for problem-solving and creative expression. Additionally, I learned to work with an expanded profile of thirty-six archetypes, providing individuals with a panoramic overview of their entire life’s journey during an archetypal reading.


I read the full archetypal Wheel using the archetypes you have picked or, I intuitively select them. Previous experience is not necessary.

You will be learning how to do identify and interpret the archetypal patterns in your own Sacred Contract. The reading of Sacred Contracts is a rich and complex undertaking exploring the different psychic fields between fate and destiny and how to move forward into the energy of your destiny, the application of archetypal patterns to healing, using archetypal insight for problem solving and creative expression.

Additionally, you learn to work with an expanded profile of thirty-six archetypes, providing you with a panoramic overview of your entire life’s journey during an archetypal reading.

You cannot image how understanding archetypal patterns opens up the symbolic world to you. You really see things differently.


The intent of the chakra reading is merely to uncover the information you already hold within yourself. I can help you make sense of why you conduct yourself in certain ways, and what you need to act on to change unsatisfactory patterns. Above all, it is intended to help you celebrate your own uniqueness.

The 13 Chakra reading will describe the characteristic way in which a person thinks and behaves as he/she adapts/responds to the environment. This includes visible behaviour patterns as well as those which are less apparent, but relatively enduring characteristics such as values, motives, attitudes, abilities and self images.

I create the reading for you personally, using my own unique modality, combining training from Caroline Myss, intuition, and knowledge of astrology, numerology and the chakras. The reading is aimed at addressing an individual’s pressing desire for the spiritual knowledge of our time, to answer life’s questions.

The chakras are an ancient, symbolic and esoteric model of life energy in the body. The chakras are differentiated by location on the body, with their own frequency of vibration. These vibrations manifests as sound, light and non-physical consciousness. The chakra model has been used for spiritual attunement in the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Ancient Egyptian religion.

California – London – Mallorca – Remote


As a trained metaphysician I can help you resolve any past problems or fears as we look deeply together at your life and help build or rebuild your confidence and self-esteem.

My psychic skills can bring you messages from your energy field to give you a clear picture of your future potential.

As an experienced healer, I use a combination of energy and colour protection as well as applying crystals to your chakras and aura to balance your energy, help you regain your positive focus and restore your vitality.


Ginta Ignatjeve
Ginta Ignatjeve
Has knocked at the door of my heart..has pierced the essence of my soul..showed the direction towards my full potential 🪶
nadieh cuijten
nadieh cuijten
During my holiday in Spain I booked a healing with Sarah. She has truly exceeded all my expectations. She also received messages for me during the healing and this gave me valuable insights. Very grateful that this special woman crossed my path. She is very skilled at what she does and managed to tell me things that the could never have known about me. Thank you so much!!
natasha zupan
natasha zupan
Sarah is very thorough and insightful in her readings. She sees through the chaotic, confusing parts and focuses on positive future outcomes and solutions. I found her to be meticulous in detail, and quite extraordinary at mixing astrological calculations /configurations with her clairvoyant skills. I had an amazing experience and highly recommend her .
Joanna Rogers
Joanna Rogers
Very helpful particularly in moments when you at crossroads. Wonderful kind style of delivering the message as well
Marilena Jover
Marilena Jover
Engaging, energetic, positive, helpful, magical!
Amanda Harrington
Amanda Harrington
Sarah is so detailed, accurate and a wonderful support when you are at a crossroads. Highly recommend x
Francesca de Moustier
Francesca de Moustier
Sarah is immensely intuitive, spititual, spot on, can tune with everyone’s energy, emotions and helps bring clarity. She guides and opens eyes, without forcing but inisiting in telling things as they are. Aha moments come well after, when one is ready... She is precious support through our spititual journeys - especially in the dark moments - she is present, available and on top of it all she does it with love and actually really cares. I highly reccomend Sarah, a session is an experience in itself. I would miss her immensely if I could no longer speak to her
Tim Fletcher
Tim Fletcher
Sarah provided a detailed reading which highlighted certain things which have subsequently proven to be very accurate and true. Her written summary after the reading has provided a great road map for me on a daily basis. I have experienced a number of readings over the years but Sarah’s has to be the most accurate and informative of all my readings. I would recommend Sarah without hesitation. Regards Tim
Emma Bernbach Carter
Emma Bernbach Carter
I have recommended her to many and every time people come away feeling moved. She’s an incredible woman
Sarah, my “angel” came to me via my network in my absolute darkest time of my life. The most powerful gift she gave me was the glimpse of an outcome. HOPE. It made my heart continue to beat, my breath to continue breathing. Little by little she gave me the tools for me to build myself up, to have confident to live meaningfully, to own my worth here on earth. To this I am forever grateful. She has showed me glimpses of miracles, and I cannot recomend her enough in the way she deserves. She will let you know what you need to know at a certain time. Her information is mind blowing and very accurate. She comes from pure love. You will feel that as she will be there for you, guiding you to do the work of becoming the very special beautiful person you where brought here to be. Namaste ❤️
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