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Hawaiian Kahuna

‘The land isn’t sacred because the temple is here.
The temple is here because the land is sacred’

See Sacred Mallorca

SEE SACRED MALLORCA aims to explore Mallorca with new eyes and offer through creative workshops gatherings incorporating local excursions, insights that will show us how we can empower ourselves and others and our precious island! We will learn to engage ourselves more with the rhythms of nature, historical sacred sites and the higher frequencies of this island and at the same time with the temple that is our Sacred Self within.

Nearly every culture in human history

has sought to honour the Divine, the mysterious, the supernatural or the extraordinary in some way. If we listen to the beautiful song of nature which is all around us we can learn to embrace the magic and mystery of life as a matter of course, just like out ancient ancestors who were generally much closer to nature and naturally sought to locate themselves where the earth energies were most congruent with their own.

We too can do this if we step out of our boxes and open our minds to believing that the power of the place relies less on the physical and more on the gifts of the soul where our hearts are fully engaged. In this way through our physical and historical surroundings we can connect more to our spiritual side which has been neglected to our cost, and by mainstream thinking, science, and society and certainly since the Industrial Revolution!

Unfortunately we have been programmed to think mechanistically and grown apart from our spiritual intuitive side. Now is the time for reconnecting with this through the magic that is Mallorca!

A starlit night, a full moon …

… an amazing sunset stirs within us a force which is within yet definitely beyond the physical. The mystical significance and power of the magnificence of nature, ancient monuments, caves, stone circles and indeed all sacred places on the planet lies in their ability to evoke deep feelings within us that seem to go far beyond an intellectual aesthetic appreciation.

In today’s global village there may seem little left to explore. Geographically this may be true, but perhaps the most profound discovery for all of us involves rekindling our relationship with our natural and historical surroundings to rediscover the energetic relationship that sustained our ancient ancestors physically, psychologically and spiritually. Ancient people revered the sacredness of this earth. They acknowledged the reciprocal relationship and interdependence between all life and our earthly home, intuitively understanding that health of body mind and spirit is totally reliant on this relationship.

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