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Business – Financial Reading

Using an astrological chart for financial and business decisions involves analyzing the positions of celestial bodies, at specific times, to guide business strategies and financial planning. Financial astrology or business astrology, is based on the belief that the positions and movements of the planets, sun, and moon can influence economic conditions and personal financial fortunes.

Here’s how an astrological chart might be used in this context:

1. **Timing of Investments**: By examining planetary movements, astrologers might suggest the best times to make significant investments or financial transactions.
2. **Business Planning**: Astrology can be used to choose auspicious dates for launching a business, signing contracts, or initiating new projects.
3. **Understanding Market Trends**: Some financial astrologers attempt to predict stock market trends or economic cycles based on astrological patterns.
4. **Personal Financial Decisions**: Astrology might be used to guide personal financial decisions, like buying property or making career choices, based on an individual’s birth chart.
5. **Team Dynamics**: Business astrology might also analyze the birth charts of team members to understand interpersonal dynamics and optimize team performance

Proponents, however, believe that understanding astrological influences can provide an additional layer of insight. As with any decision-making tool, it’s crucial to consider multiple factors and sources of information.


300,00 £

How it works?

All readings have a 12-month forecast. You will receive the reading within 7 days in audio format via email (or CD by request). The reading can be done in absentia or over Skype or phone. I also offer in-person readings at my office in Palma de Mallorca.

All readings are conducted strictly by appointment only.
Both Chakra and Archetype Readings are undertaken intuitively and are conducted remotely or in person.
The following information will need to be supplied prior to the reading, wherever possible:

Time and date of birth
Place of birth

Once the reading has been completed it will be available as an MP3 file via e mail.

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