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Psychic Development Circles

“Sitting” in the context of psychic development refers to the practice of regularly dedicating time to sit quietly, often in meditation or stillness, to develop psychic abilities or deepen spiritual connections. This practice is akin to meditation in other spiritual traditions but specifically focuses on enhancing psychic awareness and skills.

During these sitting sessions, individuals may focus on various aspects of psychic development, such as:

1. **Heightening Intuition**: Tuning into one’s inner voice or intuition more clearly.
2. **Developing Clairvoyance**: Working on visualizing and strengthening the ‘third eye’ to perceive beyond the physical.
3. **Enhancing Clairaudience**: Focusing on hearing or sensing sounds beyond the physical.
4. **Practicing Clairsentience**: Sensing or feeling energies or emotions.
5. **Connecting with Spiritual Guides**: Attempting to communicate with spiritual guides or entities.

The goal is often to achieve a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe, enhance spiritual communication, or develop psychic abilities for personal growth or to help others.
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Cost £25 pp for 2 hours

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